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UC San Diego and NCMIR Researcher Roger Tsien is awarded the first annual Golden Goose Award from Congress


Roger Tsien, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology at UC San Diego and Nobel laureate for Chemistry 2008, for work related to NCMIR at UC San Diego, received the Golden Goose Award in September 2012. This award “showcases researchers who pursue oddball topics that eventually lead to significant health and economic benefits, the awards were created by a coalition of science organizations (including AAAS, publisher of Science Insider) as a playful rejoinder to the "Golden Fleece Awards" awarded by the late Senator William Proxmire (D-WI), who frequently blasted government-funded basic research as a waste of taxpayer dollars.” Tsien, Martin Chalfie, and Osamu Shimomura were honored for their “Nobel Prize-winning work on green florescent protein (GFP), which comes from bioluminescent jellyfish. They helped develop GFP into a tool now used widely in cell and molecular biology to track gene expression.”