Mark Ellisman, Ph.D., Director, Principal Investigator

Steve Peltier, M.S., Executive Director
Oversees programs involving instrumentation and computation. Oversees general management of the resource.

Gina Sosinsky, Ph.D., Associate Director
Oversees collaborative research projects and programs in biological specimen preparation and 3D imaging

Eric Bushong, Ph.D.
Director of Core efforts in Specimen Development and Collaborative Projects Coordinator

Daniela Boassa, Ph.D.

Director of Core efforts in Probe Development and Refinement


Co-investigators representing the broad thematic activities of the resource:

Roger Tsien, Ph.D. (Probe and Labeling Chemistry)

Nguyen-Huu Xoung, Ph.D. (Detectors and Instrumentation Development)

Maryann Martone, Ph.D. (Bioinformatics, Data Management, Training and Dissemination).


Faculty, Staff, Postdocs and Students